3111 W. Cary Street
Hours| Sun-Thu (9am - 7pm)
Fri-Sat (9am - 10pm)
804.355.CAKE (2253)
  • Carytown Cupcakes offers specialty cupcakes designed around a new theme every week.

  • Spring Berry Pie Cupcake from Carytown Cupcakes

    Our menus are seasonal, and we use all-natural ingredients.

  • Wedding Cupcakes, Carytown Cupcakes

    We do custom designs and can provide delivery and setup for events.

    (Photo by Joe Powers)
  • Craft Beers On Tap At Carytown Cupcakes

    We offer local craft beers, cider, wine, and prosecco!

Carytown Cupcakes opened in October of 2009 and is a locally owned business that is owned and operated by Dawn Schick. It specializes in creatively-inspired cupcakes made with all-natural ingredients. Each day, Dawn’s talented team, known as Team Buttercream, whips up flavors developed around themes. Their imagination knows no bounds. Some of their favorite cupcake menu themes so far are Italian Desserts, Wine Country, and Berry Pies.

In July of 2014, Carytown Cupcakes starting serving local craft beers on tap, including Hardywood and Devil’s Backbone. They also serve wine and offer prosecco and Blue Bee Cider on tap. They even offer pairing recommendations for their cupcakes!

Savory Flight Combo

Savory Flight Combo

On the weekends, they also offer savories, which are bite-sized savory hors d’oeuvres. The newest offering is a savory flight combo for $7.50, which includes a 5oz pour of craft beer with 3 savories. The current savory offerings include jalapeno cheddar cornbread with sour cream and cilantro, dill caper cake with dilled cream cheese and smoked salmon, and sun-dried tomato cake with goat cheese and sun-dried tomato pesto. They have plans in the works to expand this menu just in time for your holiday parties, so stay tuned!

Directed, shot and edited by Kiersten Koenig

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