3111 W. Cary St. • Hours: 9am–10pm
7 Days A Week • 804.355.CAKE (2253)
  • Check out our weekly menu above for current featured flavors.

  • Cannoli Cupcake from Carytown Cupcakes

    Carytown Cupcakes offers specialty cupcakes designed around a new theme every week.

  • Raspberry Champagne Cupcake from Carytown Cupcakes

    Our menus are seasonal, and we use all-natural ingredients.

  • Wedding Cupcakes, Carytown Cupcakes

    We do custom designs and can provide delivery and setup for events..

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Carytown Cupcakes Owner, Dawn Schick

Carytown Cupcakes Owner, Dawn Schick

Carytown Cupcakes opened in October of 2009 on a little side street just off of Richmond’s boutique shopping district of Carytown. In just over two years, Carytown Cupcakes outgrew it’s location and moved to a new location in the heart of Carytown.

Carytown Cupcakes is a locally owned business that is owned and operated by Dawn Schick. It specializes in creatively-inspired cupcakes made with all-natural ingredients. Each day, Dawn and her talented team, known as Team Buttercream, whip up flavors developed around themes. Their imagination knows no bounds. Some of their favorite cupcake menu themes so far are Italian Desserts, Wine Country, and Berry Pies.

Dawn began her culinary career as a personal chef in 1998 and from there, she expanded into catering cocktail parties and opening and running a bed and breakfast with her husband, Albert. Carytown Cupcakes is just the next evolution of sharing her love of great food with others.

Directed, shot and edited by Kiersten Koenig

Thanks to Chris and Christina Costello from Clutch Pro Vids for helping us with this video. This video was shot in our original location.

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