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  1. Get your Coffee Fix At Carytown Cupcakes
    30-Aug-15 • 0 Comment
  2. Pre-Father’s Day Festivities At Carytown Cupcakes
    17-Jun-15 • Comments Off
  3. “Gathering for the Good” of Puppies At Carytown Cupcakes
    6-Jun-15 • Comments Off
  4. Local Animal Shelter Fights Closure
    22-Mar-15 • Comments Off
  5. May the Luck of the Irish be with ya at Carytown Cupcakes
    7-Mar-15 • Comments Off
  6. Cupcakes, Craft Beer and Acoustic Music
    19-Feb-15 • Comments Off
  7. Love is in the Air at Carytown Cupcakes
    30-Jan-15 • Comments Off
  8. Pay It Forward with Carytown Cupcakes
    5-Jan-15 • Comments Off
  9. Quidditch Tournament Comes To RVA
    1-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  10. Carytown Turns Into Scarytown
    24-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  11. Carytown Cupcakes Offers New Fall Frozen Treats
    8-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  12. Carytown Watermelon Festival August 10, 2014
    8-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  13. Dog Treats Benefiting RAL
    30-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  14. Carytown Cupcakes To Offer Wine, Prosecco, & Local Craft Beers!
    4-Jul-14 • 1 Comment
  15. Plein Air Coming To Carytown This Saturday, June 28th
    26-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  16. Homemade Ice Cream Sammies At Carytown Cupcakes
    4-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  17. Cupcakes for a Cause-Raising funds for RAL
    20-May-14 • Comments Off
  18. Mother’s Day Corsages with an Edible Twist
    8-May-14 • Comments Off
  19. Richmond International Film Festival at the Byrd Theater this Week
    27-Feb-14 • Comments Off
  20. It’s All About The Guys This Week
    19-Feb-14 • Comments Off
  21. Love is in the Air at Carytown Cupcakes
    31-Jan-14 • 1 Comment
  22. Santa’s Coming To Carytown Cupcakes This Friday
    9-Dec-13 • Comments Off
  23. Thanksgiving Gift Packs Available
    23-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  24. Carytown Wine Festival October 6, 2013
    12-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  25. Craft Beer Cupcakes Today and Tomorrow
    31-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  26. Corporate Gifts From Carytown Cupcakes
    26-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  27. Return of the Pies
    20-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  28. Custom Logos
    28-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  29. 1 Year Anniversary for Our New Shop
    19-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  30. Team Buttercream Tastes One for the Team
    25-Mar-13 • Comments Off
  31. Articles and Videos About Carytown Cupcakes
    9-Jul-12 • Comments Off
  32. Carytown Cupcakes Launches Kickstarter Project
    25-Apr-12 • Comments Off
  33. Inhaling Cupcakes – Really?
    14-Mar-12 • Comments Off